is the Spanish verb form for unmask me in English

(We will show you what´s behind websites) project.

SANS Research Paper about the underlying problem
First service correlating information about online counterfeiters with IT security (VirusTotal)
"Brand owners should be active online" (Luxury brands in the digital world)
"Websites can be made to look reputable in a way that a sleazy middleman selling Air Phones and Apple-a-likes on Canal Street never could." (Fortune)
"Experts say eBay Inc. and others have also struggled to stem the rise of counterfeit goods, leaving it up to the consumer to distinguish what's real and whati's fake." (MarketWatch)
"One victim was left fearing for her eyesight when she bought cosmetics from an online company she later discovered was based in China." (DailyMail)
"6% of the 26,500 individuals surveyed having bought counterfeit goods after being misled over the nature of the goods." (


Nowadays, the risk of falling victim to online intellectual property infringement and other types of cybercrimes has increased exponentially.

There are not any online resource to let users know whether a website is a counterfeit-related web or not. If you are a user considering to purchase something in an e-commerce website, will let you know whether such website is a counterfeit-related web or not. Also if you are a brand, you could get ahead of all the counterfeiters targeting your brand just receiving the most accurate and unique counterfeit-related intelligence about your brand uses different data patterns to detect all kind of websites selling wear, sunglasses or jewelry of the most popular brands targeted by counterfeit. When someone uses to know more about a website and then the website scanned does match with these data patterns then the website will be automatically classified as 'No official' and a twitter to the pertinent brand will be published to alert them and take action over the site in case needed.

If you are a brand who is being notified with this alerts and you do not want them published, please let me know and I will remove you as soon as possible. Instead you may want to receive them by email


Why are you doing this?

After writing the Tracking online counterfeiters research paper, I become fascinated by this online fraud and its intersection with the web site security topic I was specialized at the time. I started to focus all the detection capabilities of this online tool to detect counterfeit-related websites and similar frauds. I am still amazed by the amount of fraud I am observing therefore I keep improving this tool as I discover new tactics and indicators of online counterfeiters.

Which twitter account is alerting about the no official websites?

Follow @desenmascarame
(Desenmascarame is a Spanish verb to say: unmask me or show me what is behind the scenes)

If you are a brand who is being notified with this alerts and you do not want them published, please let me know and I will remove you as soon as possible

How is a website verified as no official?

Surprisingly I had more than 2k no official websites from all kinds of brands, mainly luxury brands, in the database. I performed research on all the metadata patterns (related posts in Spanish) [1] [2] [3] y [4] and then I implemented the feature during some time with manual review to fix potential issues, and after a while I left the system in autonomous mode doing the classification.

What can I do if my site is flagged as no official?

Obviously the system might have some issues, if a website has been classified wrongly as no official and you are the owner of the website in good standing, as soon as you report it the no official label will be removed.

Can I report a site as Official?

Yes. But you have to proof you are the owner of the domain you want to validate by sending the request from a domain of the same domain you want to verify. If you have no mail configured we can do another methods as having available a flag file in your webserver in order to verify it. Once this process is finished the website will be categorized as Official.

To whom it benefits?

There are 2 clear goals with this anti-counterfeit feature:

To know whether a website is official or not in order to not be fooled
To collect all the no official websites targeting them and act over it.

Have you received any comment from any of the brands being alerted?

Yes, so far I have received good feedback from RayBan and Abercrombie.
You can check it out here

Is this for free?

It is for free for users - so they have the opportunity to query any website prior to make any purchase. They could know whether the website is a counterfeit-related or not. In the other hand, all the intelligence collected by users and through other different means could be quite valuable for the affected brands, therefore there is an enterprise service available.

Is not the interface a bit ugly?

Yes, it is :) sorry I am not a designer so I focus on the core implementation of the service. If you are a fantastic web designer and you have great ideas to improve the look and feel of this service I will be excited to hear from you.

What are the brands more targeted by the online counterfeiters?

I had no idea and I did not find such as details neither. Therefore by working with this feature and testing it during around 4 weeks I collected some numbers and I published them in a small article titled "Top 10 brands more targeted by the online counterfeiters."

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Disclaimer is not held responsible on the accuracy of the classification. Results are provided at the best current knowledge and we are constantly improving the accuracy on the detection. We act on any feedback received about any result. We will review it manually and will provide an answer as soon as possible.


If you have any more inquiry in relation to this service please contact with me through the contact form. Many thanks.