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Counterfeit luxury goods pose an equally serious problem to both brand and consumers. We help to both.


Websites can be made to look reputable in a way that a sleazy middleman selling Air Phones and Apple-a-likes on Canal Street never could. (Fortune)

Technological companies

Experts say eBay Inc. and others have also struggled to stem the rise of counterfeit goods, leaving it up to the consumer to distinguish what is real and what is fake. (MarketWatch).

Web Security

6% of the 26.500 individuals surveyed having bought counterfeit goods after being misled over the nature of the goods (

What do the Brands say?

Brand owners should be active online


Being grateful


Being grateful


Being grateful


Being grateful

Louis Vuitton

Being grateful


The project.

  • 2013

    Project online

    The project started as a Proof of Concept to raise security awareness to web owners, and help them to keep update their websites in order to protect them from the Internet Badware.

  • May 2013

    Project presented in Miami

    The project was presented in the HackMiami conference with the presentation Raising Security Awareness among web owners and users

  • October 2014

    Project presented in Amsterdam

    Blackhat conference is considered the premier information security conference in the world. The project was presented in the Arsenal area. The Arsenal area is where independent researchers can showcase some awesome digital security weapsons.

  • May 2015

    Anti-Counterfeiting focus

    With all the knowledge acquired through all the websites metadata collected and the feedback received, a new path to explore was opened in order to help both; users and brand owners to keep them away of the fake websites.

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The Team

Personal project backed by a small investor.

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