Use case 1: Notify me when a FAKE website is affecting to my Brand

i.e: You are an Adidas brand enforcement professional.
Then each time detects a FAKE Adidas website, you will receive an alert like below

Use case 2: Notify me when a payment is going to be processed in a fraudulent e-commerce website

i.e: You are a global payment processor.
You can reduce the fraud your users are facing in the e-commerce. Before to process a payment, you can query to know whether the website your users are purchasing from is a fraudulent web or not. If its a fraudulent web just decline the payment.


  • 1 brand to monitor
  • Individual notifications received either through mail or twitter
  • Notification┬┤s example:
  • Hi:
    You are currently subscribed to the alerts service, and the website:
    has just been detected by
    as potentially a no official Adidas website.

    Kind Regards

    Fill in the form below »


  • Free version alerts included
  • Based on your profile, no limits in the brands to monitor.
  • Posibility to request additional brands to monitor
  • Additional indicators included
  • Filter wrong classifications
  • Unlimited backward queries based on the selected brands (i.e: give me all the URL domains related to fake Adidas shops)
  • Additional API features
  • Email support
  • Other customizations

  • Contact »

    Reference: tool presented in Europol

    If you would like to receive alerts of FAKE sites affecting to your brand, fill in the form below:

    Service available only for corporate e-mail addresses (free e-mail address such as hotmail, gmail... will not be processed) which belong to the brands being affected by the online counterfeiting.
    The email address will only be used exclusively to receive FAKE websites information, nothing more.

    *This service will be available only during 30 days. Afterwards, if you would like to keep receiving notifications ask me for an API Key.